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Our Focus Areas:

Education - Book Distribution program

Happy to help worship

India became one of 135 countries to make education a
fundamental right of every child when the act (under article 21A of the Indian
constitution) came into force on 01 April 2010. Poverty is major

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Blood donation camp

Happy to help worship

Thalassemia is a serious inherited blood disorder. An
estimated 40 million Indians are thalassemia carriers and over 10,000 thalassemia
major patients are born every year. Survival of a thalassemia

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Self Defense Awareness Program

Happy to help worship

Happy To Help Worship foundation are started Self Defense
program for women under “NO MORE CANDLE” camping. In this program we are
giving training and basic trick for protect own

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Cases Under Happy To Help Worship:


Happy to help worship

Patient Name :- Rahul Sarvade

Age :- 26

Gender :- Male

Disease :- Parkinson Disease

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