Happy to help worship
Happy to help worship
Happy to help worship
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About Us

Happy To Help Worship Foundation Ahmedabad is a non - government organization (NGO) working for the underprivileged of the society. The foundation has been working in the field of education and health of the needy in various ways. An initiative working for underprivileged of the society to help them to achieve their basic need and contribute to development of society and nation building.

An NGO is dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human life. It strives to "promote the well-being of humanity"

Education Program - Happy To Help Worship aims to bring up the students as energetic, influencing leaders then being followers. We properly identify their skills and interests and help them to pursue their higher studies in colleges and technical institutions and shape their future. Under this area our ngo doing many activities like : Self-defense awareness Workshop and training for Girls under name of "NO MORE CANDLES", Scholarship to Students, Book Distribution to needy children, free Teaching* etc.

Health Program - Medical care is one area, Which needs urgent attention at right time to save lives. Lack of affordability by the poor deprives them of immediate medical attention resulting in avoidable casualties. So, happy to help worship doing various activity for good health. Under this area our ngo doing medicine (free or in discount basis), help in medical treatment, Blood donation camp for thalassemia Children, free check up camp etc.

Self Defense - Happy To Help Worship foundation are started Self Defense program for women under “NO MORE CANDLE” camping. In this program we are giving training and basic trick for protect own self against unexpected forces.

Our Mission - Happy To Help Worship is Created with a mission of good Life and we are developing for new Generation.

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Meet Our Member

Happy to help worship

Name:- Dhaval Vyas

Member Quote:-
"we cant predict life, So do what you want to do for others"

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What We Do

India became one of 135 countries to make education a fundamental right of every child when the act (under article 21A of the Indian constitution) came into force on 01 April 2010. Poverty is major

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